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Anhelado was born out of the desire to recreate the flavors and cultural experiences of a whole generation through ice cream. We seek to make customers feel in touch with their roots through artisanal ice cream treats made the most traditional way. We do this through the fruits and flavors we use that are commonly found in the Caribbean and South America. Anhelado seeks to share our cultural experience with others who are willing to experiment and try what our cultures may have to offer. With flavors such as "lulo", "guanabana", and our vegan friendly options we hope to make our ice cream experience as genuine as possible.

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Private Events

We do all sorts of catering for events of all sizes both big and small. Look at the example of this private birthday party we did last October

Caterering Corporate

Were proud to have partnered with large corporate entiities such as Barclays financial, Rutgers University,Canon camera Inc., Newark Venture Partners, & Many more!

Have a special event?

We are really looking to being your caterer of choice this upcoming season Please feel free to stay in touch!

Pick up a Pint ......       or 10!!

After much support from our wonderful customers, we are glad to announce that we have now started to package our ice cream in pints to sell direct! Feel free to message us on Instagram to see what pint specials we're running this week

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